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Black Diamond Construction was contracted by Infinity Science Center to relocate the Saturn V Booster from New Orleans, LA to Pearlington, MS. This project holds the number one spot for Black Diamond Construction and myself, Chris Zimmerman. This rocket relocation was the second and last relocation of any Saturn V Rocket Booster. The first booster was relocated in Huntsville, AL by Mammoet Transportation. Mammoet is the largest heavy transporter in the world with generating over a billion in annual revenue every year. Mammoet, Black Diamond and Berard Transportation were selected to submit proposals for the project.

We spent 2 months detailing every aspect of the project and how we would move the Rocket Booster that was 686,000 pounds, 171 feet long, 60 feet wide and 40 feet tall. Black Diamond was awarded the contract and handled the entire project from start to finish. The logistics behind this project had to be perfect in every aspect because of the overall size of the booster and the strict deadline we were given by Infinity Science Center and NASA. We delivered the Booster 1 day early without any issues and it was welcomed with a celebration by Governor Phil Bryant, NASA Astronaut Fred Haise and over 200 invited guests.


• Infinity Science Center

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